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How's everyone
Views: 93 · Posted: 1082 days ago

Just stopped by to give a shout. Any parties son send me invites the owners thank you for supporting this site

I'm out


New Server
Views: 498 · Posted: 1594 days ago

Triniporn has been moved to a newer fast server. Enjoy your Videos at super speed now !

Merry xmas to everyone

Please sign up and click the ads to support the site

Views: 228 · Posted: 1832 days ago

no body wanta make a frekin donation ?

even a dollar ? hear wha ... any one who donates more than $5 to us over the next 10 days gets lifetime membership !

Views: 336 · Posted: 1835 days ago

So guys .. you know we scrunting.. this site eating up my bank account ...

Our hosting company has gladly allowed you guys to make payments directly to our account. This means we can now accept payments via paypal. The money does not come to us but is credited to our web host, who hosts this website. Without them this site would be nothing.

Anyone who wants premium access can simply go to


Select the amount you wish to pay and pay them through paypal.

Be sure to enter our account name triniporn when making the payment. This can be done by entering it in the request box or the comments box.
If you don't do this you will get a hosting account and we get nothing LOL

Please note all payments over 370$ will give you lifetime membership.

Please help out this site by becoming a premium member. Without your contributions we may have to shut the site down very soon. Our hosting costs about 260 USD a month ... with your help we can keep this site functional forever !!!

Any members who would like to assist please message myself or triniman or any other admin.

If you want to make a donation this is also welcome .. every cent counts...

All persons who sing up this month will receive a complementary DVD and invitation to 1 of our private shows.


Views: 209 · Posted: 1911 days ago

As of recently the site has made no money ... I have reset all premium users whose subscriptions have expired. No one currently has premium access only the admins.

If you believe your account was de activated wrongly please foward us a copy of your subscription email which we will compare to ours and sue this to re activate your account.

For this month only 10 $ us will give you FULL access to the site for 1 year.

The more money we make the faster the site will get.... we're in need of a faster server but can barely afford to pay for the one we're currently on ... no server = no triniporn.

Members who wish to make donations can do so by contacting myself robbie or triniman. For any donation no matter how small we will give you full access ....

so come on guys help out PLZ .. even if you cant make a donation click the ads so we can make some money .. you just need to click the ads once a day and we'll be good !

Happy New Year
Views: 220 · Posted: 1951 days ago

All the breast... i mean Best from the staff of triniporn. Hope you guys have a bright and prosperous 2011.

Like to say thanks to the admins who make this shit possible. Triniman, robbie and all the rest who assist in making this site what it is today much thanks and god bless.

How about we all meet in the chat room tonight .. join and idle there we'll have a blast.

Signing out

Merry Xmas from TriniPorn Staff
Views: 186 · Posted: 1957 days ago

Merry xmas to all from the management and staff of triniporn. Hope you guys had a great year ! In this season lets all remember to be safe and smart.

New stuff coming in 2011. Look out :)

Have a blast !


Unauthorised Video
Views: 197 · Posted: 1968 days ago

All members please note there have been a lot of reported cases of videos being uploaded without the permission of the "actors" .

We will not tolerate this. No videos should be posted without proper consent. Users will be immediately be banned and all videos/comments removed if this is found happening.

As of today admins were informed to take a zero tolerance approach. You will be instantly banned without question.

If you believe a video was posted of you or some one you know please use our contact form or register and send me or triniman a msg with a exact link or proper description of the video. We will usually remove videos within 3-4 hours of a complaint.

Bachelor Party ? Need girls ? Local Trini Models
Views: 1257 · Posted: 1980 days ago

Call Mervyn "Perfect fit models" 756-1878 358-6381 Take it from the owner of triniporn ... YOU WILL NOT CANNOT GET BETTER THAN HIS GIRLS ! They were at my bachelor party . awesomeeeeeeeeeee ! Be sure to tell him the owner of triniporn refered you to him.. you'll get a good hook up if you mention us !

Chat Room
Views: 226 · Posted: 2005 days ago

The chat room has been repaired