948 days ago
Good Morning all I would be Deleting Persons if they continually post stuff that is not local. This is becoming ridiculous now. Robbie
1880 days ago
By: Local
Hey all... would like to apologize for the slow validation of videos and pics. I got married and was on my honeymoon with no internet access... I'm back and will be hireing a few admins to help out. This was pics would be validated much more often. Would like to say special hello to the perfect fit models... they were the bomb at my bachelor party !
1950 days ago
By: Local
Our Premium access module is complete!!! If you would like to have full access to the entire site i.e See all private videos and pictures please use the link at the bottom of this email to make a contribution. Members who contribute will get 1. All access to everything ! 2. Access to the triniporn stash ! Yes that's right, the largest collection of downloadable movies and pictures. Some never seen by the public. 3. Access to all our Caribbean Porn. The hottest chicks from jamaica, Greneda, St lucia etc. 4. Removal of all ads from your session when browsing the site. 6. One free local movie every 2 month mailed to your door ! ( yes a full movie ) What are your thoughts on the above and do you think anyone will contribute? http://www.triniporn.org/ccbill/index.htm Sorry but we are unable to process visa cards at this moment. We also accept paypal and bank deposits by request. Thanks guys.
1976 days ago
By: Local
Guys, Please bear with for for a few more days. I'm going to introduce a video/photo validation system where videos will have to be approved before they're posted on the site. Its more work for me but i'm sure it'll help keep the site clean from foreign stuff. I also would need help mabe a few admins. If you're interested in becoming a admin send me a msg. I will only consider members who are posting and are contributing in all areas of the site (blogs pics videos). The chat system is almost finished ... a few more days for that also.. If you have feature suggestions etc please feel free to message me with them or send emails to admin @ triniporn.org. We're also going to link members who are posting and regular on the site with different users levels. The more you contribute and spend time on the site , the higher your level. A higher level means access to parts of the site that are restricted or hidden. High ranking members also get access to our "vault" .... rumor has it they can download full length dvd's from there... Let me know your comments and suggestions !
1977 days ago
By: Local
Guys.. come onnnnn.. you can do better with the video/picture names.. stop calling all the videos/pictures trini gyal or trini whatever. Name them better. When i say name them better i do not mean to add peoples names and all that but instead of calling a video trini gyal ... think about calling it girl oral sex in car doggy style ... you know.. its more descriptive and helps searching the site become easier.
1978 days ago
By: Local
Hey all, I would like to say thank you to everyone for making this site grow. We got some nice vids and a decent photo collection. Now guys i need some help I'm not online much but when i am i spend 90% of my time working on this site. I got a 24/7 job and its a killer. From your opinions we're gonda keep this site ALL LOCAL . This means no foreign videos.. unless the actors/actress is a trini. Anyone found posting foreign shit that have nothing trini or bago in it will get banned as soon as i ketch up with you. Low rider as always makes soem excellent posts here and is right i'm seing to mcuh pics stolen from other sites and posted with out permission. Can you guys flag them when you notice them and i'll delete them asap. Same goes for Videos. Not local ? flag it and it will be deleted. For more news you can check out the TriniPorn Notices section located on the top right hand corner of the site. Banning will start after you read this message. No stolen pics. No child porn, No animal porn thats yucky.. get out ah here if you like that. Thanks. Local
1980 days ago
By: Local
Please do not upload any videos up persons under the age of 18 years. If you do these videos will be deleted and you will be banned. If you see a video that has children in it or is abusing our AUP and TOS please flag the video and we'll have it removed ASAP !! We dislike child porn and do not encourage it at all ! Thanks for your help
1981 days ago
By: Local
Hey All, A special good day to all our new members. I would like to remind everyone that we're very lenient with the rules here. We allow almost everything except copyrighted material and kiddie porn... If you're into this TriniPorn is not the place for you... We are in now way affilated with the other trini websites such as triniswingers and trinislime .. We are our own entity and function separately from them. They are great sites and we do reccomend them to our users but we frown upon users spamming our site on their forum. Please do not do this or you WILL be BANNED on both sites. Similarly we hope that these sites would refrain from harassing our members to join their site. Thanks for your understanding ! Yuh local Provider
1983 days ago
By: Local
Welcome to our TriniPorn site. The first official full functional ..with videos, galleries, blogs etc. No stupid forum shit where you have to scroll through hundreds of posts to get to one picture. Have fun. Report abuse!!! abuse@triniporn.org