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I was nearing then end of my summer vacation. I had been on the island of Trinidad for

13 days and had thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the people the sunshine the

beaches and the rich blends of food to stimulate my taste buds. Everyone was friendly

and made me feel more welcome here than any other country I had visited but no one

had offered me sex. Well that is not true. Just like everywhere else in the world there

were girls who worked the streets and the e****t services but I had never paid for sex

and I did not intend to start now.

My last night and I had given up hope of getting a wild island fuck when my host, Aunt

Maybelle, a plump woman of 70years told me that her grand daughter was coming

over from the island of Tobago for the labour day weekend and she had asked her to

take me to a house party that same night. My flight was scheduled to leave at 8am in

the morning and I was not sure I wanted to spend a night out partying before I got d***k

and missed my flight but I did not want to be rude so I told Aunt Maybelle I would be

ready at 9pm, the time she had told me her grand daughter would arrive.

At 8:55 I heard my host cheerfully greeting guests. I assumed her granddaughter was

among them but I did not wish to intrude so I stayed in my room until I was summoned.

Less than 2mins had passed when a gentle knock sounded on my door. I placed a

smile on my face ready to be as friendly as the islanders even though I was a bit

reluctant to go out. As I opened the door my overly cheerful smile turned into a jaw

dropping ogle. Standing infront of me was the most beautiful black woman I had ever

seen. Her skin was as dark and smooth as chocolate. Her eyes that bore into me were

hazel mixed with a hint of amusement. Her hair was held back from her face and gave

her a modern appearance of ancient Egyptian goddess. Her pink lips parted to reveal

a pearly white smile. “Hi, you must be Steven. I am Nefertiti.”

The sound of her voice reminded me that I was staring. I picked my jaw from the

ground and composed myself. She looked at me with a knowing smile, “Come Steven,

I see that my grandmother has bore you to death. Let’s go have some fun.” She held

my hand and I obediently followed her out the door after saying goodbye to my host.

The cool night air woke me up. I was able to think a bit more clearly. I manage to hold

a civilized conversation with her while I mentally took note of her other assets. She was

approximately 5’9” with long shapely legs. Her butt was a traditionally big but seem to

take of a perfect spherical shape. Her jeans hugged her ass so smoothly I felt as

though if I passed my hands between her crotch I would feel every curve of her pussy.

Her breast were firm 32 b cups protruding from a plunging neckline. She had tattooed

a single red rose along her left breast close to the nipple so that it appeared to be

blooming from beneath her clothing.

Approximately 15 minutes later we pulled up alongside a fairly large house in a gated

community. There was not much activity on the front lawn but as we entered the house I

was shock to see ladies clad in thong bikini and an assortment of lingerie. The men

were dressed in robes, boxes, swim trunks or naked. “This is a wet and wild pajama

party,” Nefertiti informed me. “Have you ever been to one? “

“No” I replied, soaking in the scenery.

“Well, now you have,” she responded.

We mingled for a few minutes as she introduced me to friends. Everyone seemed

quite comfortable. I was not surprised when I walked to the backyard and found a

swimming pool full of naked men and woman fucking or just lolling after a good fuck.

Nefertiti had disappeared and returned clad in a sexy lingerie. She offered me a

bathrobe and told me where to go change.

When I return she led me to a cozy gazebo.The breeze was blowing and a cool sea

breeze scent reached my nostril although I could not see beyond the trees lining the

property. There was one other couple at the gazebo pumping away frantically. Nefertiti

took my hand and led me to where there was an airbed.

She ordered me to stand still as she opened my robe and gentle caressed my cock. I

was a bit ashamed that she did not find it rock hard but my body just had not

responded to all the stimulus around me as I think I was in a culture shock. It did not

take long however for her hand to get my cock at full erection. She smiled that

goddess smile and lowered to gather my cock in her mouth. She took the entire shaft

in and did not gag. I gasped with pleasure. The heat, warmth and softness of her

mouth made my cock even harder. I was amazed at the feel of my cock in her mouth. I

had been given blow jobs before but her mouth gave the sensation of fucking a pussy.

She held my buttocks and began pulling my cock deeper into her throat.

Apparently my 7 inch cock was no match for her. I began to fuck her throat. I felt the

saliva began to build around my cock as her throat made wet fucking sounds. I felt

myself coming and thought of holding back for one second as I did not want the

sensation to end but she pulled me into her and I off loaded my cum deep into her

throat. She gave a slight cough and some spewed out the side of her mouth. She

released me and I eased out. She licked up the dripping cum and swallowed every

drop that did not touch the floor.

My mind was enjoying this island surprise as much as my body. She lay on the airbed

and opened her legs, inviting me to reciprocate. I did not disappoint. I loved to suck

pussy. I lowered myself to the pink pussy that was a contrast against her dark skin. My

tongue slipped inside her clean sweet pussy and began to fuck her. She moaned and

groaned with such pleasure it cause my cock to come alive again. She thrusted her

hips towards my face forcing my tongue deeper into her sweet pussy. I inserted two

fingers in her pussy and placed my tongue on her clit. Her sounds were heavenly. I

continued to pleasure her until her sweet wet cum slide slowly down my fingers. I pulled

my fingers out and licked all the cum from it then proceeded to suck the rest from

inside of her. Her body trembled like a small earthquake. I was happy that I could

please her that much.

I looked up to see the other couple watching us. The guy had her cock in his hand and

she had just ejaculated all over himself. “Baby, watching and hearing you was so hot.

May we join you two?” he asked.

“Sure but I am afraid my boy here is new and all we can offer you tonight is oral,”

Nefertiti invited.

Before I could adjust, the couple came closer. Nefertiti ordered me to lay on my back. I

did as I was told and soon found myself being fucked by Nefertiti reversed cowgirl

style while she deep throat the guy’s cock. He stood in front of her fucking her throat

with only three quarters of his black dick. He was about 9inches. The girl had straddled

me and placed her wet pussy over my face. She smelled of fresh cum and a hint of

perfume. I tasted her and enjoyed the pressure she was putting on my face. I breathed

in her scent and took all her wetness in my mouth.

Nefertiti was bouncing up and down on my cock. I felt it bouncing against her soft

insides and felt her as she contracted and expanded her pussy walls. When Nefertiti

climaxed the hot lava of her cum sent a trigger to my cock and I ejaculated a few

seconds later. Our combined juices flowed. I was satisfied. Nefertiti did not move. She

continued to suck the guy's shaft as he exploded in her mouth. This time however she

did not swallow. She turned around and kissed the girl and they exchanged the cum. I

watched fascinated as the girl swallowed the fluid. Nefertiti then pushed her fingers

into the girl and stimulated her until she came.

Both the other guy and I watched the show and played with ourselves. The guy did not

climax though but I did gave short burst of cum when I watched Nefertiti suck the cum

from the other girl. The night was young. We went a few more rounds alone and with

two other couples. It was the best vacation I had ever had.

I left the party at 6 o’clock, collected my luggage and was able to make my flight. I look

forward to my next visit to Trinidad

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After fingering my own ass and using carrots and bananas, I was at the point where I was ready to experience my anal fetish with a woman. I called a massage parlor and headed took a taxi from Chaguanas to the location of the parlor opposite the Canefields. A full lady invited me in and I could not believe she was doing the massage. She told me to sit and she went to the back. A bit later a beautiful brown skinned lady came out and told me my options. I paid for body to body and she ushered me into the room and told me to change and lie down and she will be back. I stripped down, and she was back in undies while I lay naked. She took her baby oil and started to massage my body. Rain started to fall making the atmosphere very nice. She massaged and I fondled her touching her ample breast and booty. Then came time for the happy ending. I asked her what she would do if a client asked to get his ass fingered during the happy ending? She looked at me with a puzzled face and said she would do it. She put me on my back and started stroking my tool. She got a finger in between my cheeks and entered my ass with the middle finger. When she saw my reaction she started fingering me more. She got more and more into the act till she had three fingers up my ass! She commanded me to jerk off while she continued to plunge into my back door with reckless abandon! She kept working on me until I begging her like a bitch to finger my ass so I could cum. She did and left me drained and exhausted. I showered and collected my bag and after I thanked her for the domination.....I left.....

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