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one of my lost videos

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Saturday afternoon I decided to masturbate a lil bit since nobody was home so i was in meh zone. Left my door open cus I didnt business since I know i was the only one there. So i was deep into it so i closed my eyes and stroking my dick non stop when I suddenly hear my room door handle knock against the wall due to the lil air when she passed by. For 32 years old she was hot and had a fat ass. As i open my eyes only to see my aunt watching me with shock. I was like " oh god, ah thought nobody was arnd, I rhel sorry aunty" she watched me & say " wat d ass yuh doin?" I bow my head in shame n say " pls doh tell nobody" and she shook her head. Next word she said froze me. She say " well since nobody home ah cud help yuh?" I say " wa? Yuh tryna thiefmyhead owa?" she pull down her tights and say " na, I just like what I see" I didnt really give a fuck how wrong this is because I always had the thoughts of fucking her. Her huge breasts held up by the black bra she wore, her fat ass covering the purple thong she had on. She jump on meh bed and move the towel and start to stroke my dick and she start to lick the tip I say " gosh gyal doh stop".. she start taking in the whole dick in her mouth and started sucking it like crazy. I rock back and say " fuck gyal, doh stop".. I den remove her black bra and start to kiss her and i watch her n say " aunty, yuh know how long I wanted dis to happen? She replied " yuh nasty lil boy" so i say " eh heh, says the one who asked to help" she giggle and I started sucking her big tits.. she begged me to suck her pussy.. I start to lick her clit and I push my tongue in and start to swirl it inside her.. she moaned so fuckin bess.. she bend over n say " hunnie, suck meh cunt from behind" I didnt hesitate.. too my surprise she ask if I wanna lick her ass.. so i did as she asked.. i up n say " yuh freaky gyal,yuh like rhel thing" she say " well ah want sum hard fuck so come fuck my fat cunt" so we fucked and she suck my break and we then bathe and everyone reach back some hours later.. she told me that we could fuck whenever i want. This made it a little weird buh regardless what, I got to fuck her big ass n fat cunt.
No fuck up comments though. Sure some of allyuh wanna fuck one of allyuh hot aunts.

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Just letting you know I have a new vid processing, be sure to check it out!
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It sucks when you have a big prick,skype an no girl thats willin to share the trill :(

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Bored outta my mind....hmmm what should I do? Any ideas?

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