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I pulled the car over onto the side of the road and stopped
in our usual meeting place, I knew you weren’t far behind
me and I could already feel the usual stirrings in the
front of my trousers.
I glanced up into my rear view mirror and smiled as I saw
your car approach and pull up behind me, I continued to
watch as you got out, pushed the key fob to lock the door
and walked round to my passenger side.
“Hi” you said as you opened the door and got in, “Have you
missed me?”
“Always” I said and lent over to give you a kiss.
Our lips met in a soft explosion of warmth and wanting, it
had been a couple of weeks now since we had last met for
some summer sun but the passion was as hot as if had only
been yesterday.
You had on a very nice tight fitting jumper, (and by the
look of it not much else underneath!!), and a short suede
I slowly pushed my hand up under your jumper and smiled at
the thought of how right I’d been, as almost immediately as
I did my hand gently brushed your naked breast.
I heard you groan gently, our lips still locked together,
as I slowly stroked your fantastic tits, my fingers seeking
out your nipples and toying with their hardness.
“Have you missed me too” I said as I broke off our kiss and
turned to start the car.
“Always” you giggled, “Now let’s drive”
I started the car and drove to “our place”, a small lay-by
off the side of a relatively quiet little country lane,
more an entrance to a farmers field really but secluded
from prying eyes (except for the cows of course!!).
I drove the car in front first, turned off the engine and
lent over to kiss you again; your lips were still hot and
moist from our last kiss as our tongues fought each other.
God!! I couldn’t believe how you did this to me every time,
just from a kiss and the thought of what was about to
happen I was rock hard!!
My cock was aching, straining at the front of my trousers,
just wanting to be let out into the warm summer sunshine.
I could stand it no longer and wanting to know if you
wanted me as much as I did you, I gently slid my hand up
under you skirt and gently onto your sweet pussy.
I smiled with delight as I felt the front of your sexy lace
thong just wet with your juices, you indeed did want me as
much as I you.
I gently slipped my fingers inside your panties and started
to play with you, I could feel you getting wetter and
wetter, opening up to me as I gently slid two fingers
inside you and started to make you come.
Faster and faster I played with you, your hand now gripping
onto my wrist, whether to try and stop me or make me go
faster I didn’t know, but all I did know was I was going to
make you come for me and then, almost catching me by
surprise, you did.
Big waves of orgasm flooding over you, you stifled a scream
onto my shoulder as you again exploded, your sweet juices
running all over my fingers and onto the front of your now
soaking panties.
“Oh God!!” you said as I gently slipped my fingers from
you, “Every time that is so good”
“Now, let’s get some of this lovely summer sunshine that we
came out for, we don’t have much time”
And with that you opened the car door, stepped out round to
the front and went and lent on the farmers gate, your cute
ass poking back towards me as you looked out over the field.
You were right, we didn’t have much time if we wanted to
get back without anybody noticing, so I quickly got out of
the car too and came and stood behind you at the farmers
gate, gently slipping my hands under your tight little
I heard you moan gently as I cupped both of your breasts in
my warm hands and toyed with your rock solid nipples, again
and again I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger as
you pushed yourself against me.
My cock was aching even more now as you continued to push
your cute ass against it, your hand also sliding round from
in front of you to feel just how hard you were making me.
“I want you” I heard you whisper as I nuzzled my lips on to
your neck, my hands still full of your beautiful tits, “I
want to feel you deep inside me” and with those words a
powerful lust like I had never known before took over my
I lifted you up by your waist and in one fluid movement
turned you through a full 180 and pushed you face down onto
the bonnet of my car, your jumper pushed up and your tits
pushed hard onto the warm metal, a loud squeal of delight
escaped your lips.
No longer able to stand not being in side you, I pushed up
your short little skirt (nearly ripping them from your body
as I did) pulled your soaking wet panties to one side, and
tearing open my trousers to free my cock I pushed myself
inside you.
God it felt so good!! My rock solid cock buried up to the
hilt deep inside you, your tight little pussy gripping me,
I couldn’t control myself, deeper and deeper I pushed
myself into you, faster and faster I fucked you, I heard
you scream out loud as I made you come for the second time
in 10minutes and then knew I couldn’t hold on any more.
So grabbing a handful of your golden hair and turning your
head round to look into my eyes, I shot my scalding hot
spunk right up inside you, 1, 2, 3, times my cock jumped as
I filled you full of my come, your eyes closed as you
savoured the feeling.
“Watched me” I said and with your eyes again wide open I
pulled my still exploding cock out of your beautifully
tight pussy and emptied the rest of my spunk all over the
creamy cheeks of you cute ass, god my spunk always looked
so good on your skin.
Still trying to catch our breath from such an explosive
time, you pushed yourself off the bonnet of the car, turned
round and kissed me deeply.
A sweet lingering kiss, that spoke volumes about what had
just happened.
“We best get back” you said “We don’t want anybody to miss
And so straightening our clothes we got into the car and
drove back to the lay-by and yours.
Thank you” you said as you leaned over to kiss me again.
“No Thank You!!” I said as our lips met for the final time
that day.
Then with one of your sweet smiles you opened the door, got
out and climbed into your own car.
Afternoons in the office always seemed to fly by after we
had been out for some ”Summer Sun” at lunch times, but this
one I’ll always remember!!
The reason being that after we had been back in the office
for about an hour, smiling to ourselves and each other
because no-one had any idea of just where we had been or
what we had been doing, you got up from your desk and
walked over to mine.
I watched you all the way from your desk to mine, a rye
smile on your face as you lent down over my desk pretending
to ask me something about what was on my screen.
“Thought you’d like these as a little keepsake of this
afternoon?” you whispered in my ear and then with a very
subtle little movement you dropped your still wet panties
into my lap under the desk where no-one could see.
Then before I could say another word you gently gave my
cock a playful final squeeze, turned round and walked back
to your desk, my mind left racing at the thought of you
sitting there all afternoon with no panties on under that
skirt!! xx

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