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Views: 15 · Posted: 1 hours ago

we live on an island with about 1.3 million people (2013 estimate), about half of them being women. and from that half we have to exclude those that are underage, not interested, taken or other wise not available. from the remaining few, we are left with those brave enough to share their pics here and with those they encounter.

when you guys get those pics then come here and post their names up and trade them like if they were cattle or some sort of commodity. how many of those girls do you think will ever share their pics again.

we already living on a small island, these women have to go to work and interact with people and now they have to be careful because they dont know who saw thier pics.

come on guys this cant be right. dont get me wrong i am a man who like his vice and thing. but let us threat the girls with some respect. you keep asking where the women gone. they left cause of this thusty man little boy bullshit you guys carrying on with.

this cant be right

Views: 3 · Posted: 2 hours ago

7AA67C5E anyone up for bbm chat

Views: 7 · Posted: 2 hours ago

Anyone have nude pics or vido on Denise Roopnarine/aurora,Vanita Dalipram and Vishala Maharaj if so post it up and i send my entire collection i collected from trinilime and this site to u as good gesture no bullshit not like most ppl in this site, being genuine rite now just add me when u post it and send email address no fb!

Views: 3 · Posted: 2 hours ago

just so i cant log into my account. allyuh be careful men hacking for simple pics

Views: 19 · Posted: 4 hours ago

Since this site came back on things have changed drastically, the amount of fakes have increased,women who cant put pics of themselves, trading and exposing females like they are toys and the new thing phone cards for content. I have no problem with ppl putting their content here but please dont expose the young women that you probably begged to send those nudes.Secondly women on this site if you add me and I msg you and you dont respond why did you add me jeez a simple covo so damn hard and finally the tusty men on here and the whole idea of trading on here needs to stop its a porn site to share content to be enjoyed. Tusty men go pay $300. and get pussy in a whore house. From this point on i will not be adding content and be accepting requests (except the ones that are pending) this site has officially gone to the dogs.........

Views: 3 · Posted: 5 hours ago

Looking for ashell roopchand...i have pics to trade for anyone

Views: 4 · Posted: 6 hours ago

Rebecca Annali Noonoo want her pics- i have rell recent pics to trade

Views: 5 · Posted: 6 hours ago

question u met a woman on triniporn u had sex she allows u to take a pics and videos are u goin to upload them to triniporn with out her permission i think not so y make out women who u had sexual interaction with and post their pics and videos without consent thats jus dumb in conclusion if u dummies keep dissing these women no pussy for the real men on the site but i guess all u homo up in here goin like that

Views: 72 · Posted: 8 hours ago

who can help me....need to make out these girls
aneila sammy
myra seebarath
nandi from south
aliyah ramsingh
emily sukhu
cj guness
kelsy persad
xavier roopchand (she is my neighbor)
ravina rampersad
kavita bridgelal
cristina badri

really need these pics

Views: 3 · Posted: 9 hours ago

Anyone have pics of anu ramlakhan or priscilla mohammed?

Views: 17 · Posted: 9 hours ago

Does it have anyone in here that actually want to chat an hookup anymore for real, the site back up an everybody anti-social all of a sudden

Views: 20 · Posted: 9 hours ago


Interested in having a good time with a crossdresser?, inbox me, serious ppl only.

Tranny GFE.(Girl Friend Experience) available also.

Views: 51 · Posted: 10 hours ago

i have alot to share
my pics not uploading no matter how hard i try
bare with me people
lets make out some of these girls

Views: 6 · Posted: 11 hours ago

Hi guys, Lolrawr is my account, however I can't login into it. Last thing I did was edit preferences. Now it says invalid password when I try to login. Anyone ever had the same problem and got it fixed? Anyways, add me on this, thanks. Waiting for confirmation email before I can upload again..

Views: 3 · Posted: 12 hours ago

for females, if you gys really here to communicare and for fun, message me and id give you some contact info for mself :) im up for anything. do not message me if you on shit, and fellahs i doh like man so stop come round me with yuh fckery

Views: 4 · Posted: 14 hours ago

Anybody have Nandanie and/or Shivana Sampath, inbox me,

Views: 50 · Posted: 14 hours ago

Anyone have nude pics or vido on Denise Roopnarine,Vanita Dalipram and Vishala Maharaj if so post it up or trade for my Vido or pics collection!

Views: 3 · Posted: 19 hours ago

2pm blues

Views: 8 · Posted: 21 hours ago

Who has nudes of Anessa Gabriel and Kylie Kavi...plz hmu...have gr8 things to offer for it

Views: 14 · Posted: 21 hours ago

who wanna play on skype tonight? add ttrza1986