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Views: 2 · Posted: 6 hours ago

My Skype is jamieson243 just found it your message was deleted still don't know how.

Views: 27 · Posted: 9 hours ago

just shaved my pussy who wants 2 feel how smooth it is.

Views: 4 · Posted: 10 hours ago

bored as fuck any female wanna hook up later??...msg me....

Views: 2 · Posted: 13 hours ago

I'm looking for sex females only. Msg me if u interested!

Views: 3 · Posted: 13 hours ago

Why is it so damn hard to find someone to call your own and treat them so good. Damn i hate this feeling.

Views: 2 · Posted: 15 hours ago

ladies link me skype name 'honrod1'

Views: 5 · Posted: 17 hours ago

Hi Ladies,

I am new in town, and I am looking for a sexy Trini partner !

Hit me at by sending me a few pics.

POS. See you soon.

Views: 26 · Posted: 1 day ago

Teen girls please hit me up

Views: 5 · Posted: 1 day ago

skype sex anyone, preferably females, girls or ladies, no need to see each other faces just sex with each other on video, promise no recording what so ever, just sex and seeing each others privates add me on skype
and making each other cum alot

Views: 3 · Posted: 1 day ago

which one of u sweet sexy freaky women wanna meet up now and get your pussy suck out and fuck out very hard INBOX me serious women

Views: 4 · Posted: 1 day ago

im looking for someone to talk to....

Views: 22 · Posted: 1 day ago

ok am back i read alot of blogs on this site thats just to say how bored i was geez some of u ppl really bold face ino both male an females any ways typical trinis again same shit different day been here almost 2 yrs or more an its the same thing fake profiles men playing women then there the anti social sluts playing bess thing but ugly no fock any ways y lie abt yuh looks i eh good looking but ah have ah big dick an i could buy friends rolling on 20"s eh ha ha ha here is like digi chat 1 set ah stupid cunts pretenders an wana b's playing hight an mighty wen yuh worth a pint of horse piss comment an tell me if ah lie

Views: 8 · Posted: 1 day ago

17 year old bi guy from south in for skype and link ups inbox me

Views: 4 · Posted: 1 day ago

someone msg me i'm bored

Views: 5 · Posted: 1 day ago

Any females up for some Skype? wandering_ninja

Views: 6 · Posted: 2 days ago

A lot of you ladies want to link on skype. So


Thats my account name.
We can talk dirty sex chat and all that stuff but you need to prove your self legit to move further. k.

Views: 7 · Posted: 2 days ago

i'm hard as hell gonna be here all night

Views: 4 · Posted: 2 days ago


Views: 7 · Posted: 2 days ago

i will like to get a nice sweet fat pussy to suck today any of u ladies wanna get your pussy sucked inbox me

Views: 3 · Posted: 2 days ago

i will like to get a nices sweet fat pussy to suck today and of u ladies wanna get your pussy sucked inbox me